"A dollar saved is a dollar earned but seldom vice versa"
- Evan Esa

Tax Planning

What does tax planning really mean? In a nutshell tax planning is arranging your finances in a way that avoids, reduces, or postpones your taxes. It’s an extremely important part of a financial strategy.  As there have been numerous changes in tax laws within the past few years, evaluating ones tax situation comes before any investment recommendation is made. Unlike investing where the future is uncertain, many tax strategies are black and white. The difficult part in tax planning is that one needs to understand the financial world and the tax world to be successful.  Very few financial professionals work with tax professionals thereby missing many opportunities. At Rock Martin Private Wealth Management, having both a tax and financial planning experience allows us to put together optimal strategies for our clients. 

The ultimate goal is to pay less in taxes so one can have more money to save, spend, gift, etc. thereby having more control over your hard earned money. Also, the less you pay in taxes, the less you may need to distribute to meet your cashflow needs, therefore increasing the longevity of your investments - especially in down market years. 

Our Focus:  
  • Tax Liability Management 
  • Investment Prioritization 
  • Investing in proper accounts for your generation and the next 
  • Maximizing Real Return by Reducing Taxes 
  • Short/Long Term Tax Planning 
  • Estate and Gift Planning 

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