Our Individualized Approach

Our individualized approach is what sets us apart. As the potential client interviews us in the initial meeting, we in turn also interview the client. How much value can we provide to this client? Compatibility is key to long term success and the fit has to be just right to make it work.

We do a thorough tax analysis to see what opportunities were missed or what future opportunities present themselves based on several factors including: the different accounts a prospect has, if they are taking their social security benefits or plan to, when they plan on retiring, do they have a business, cash flow needs, pensions? etc.

We follow our Financial Planning process but as everyone is different and has varying situations, we focus on the most important aspect of the individuals situation first. 

We focus on bringing clients into the firm with more challenging situations and investment portfolios of assets typically exceeding $1 million. For individuals under this asset value, our goal is to assist them in any capacity with the possibility of referral to our trusted colleagues until the situation becomes more complex. This allows us to scale our client base in order to continuously provide world class individualized service and a boutique based client experience. 

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