11 July
Modern Retirement


Taxes, Social Security, and Investing are intertwined.  Understanding the fundamentals of these topics and their mutual influence allows you to make better financial decisions.

Financial planning is often made to seem complicated, particularly for marketing purposes. This class aims to demystify these topics, offering you valuable insights to refine your financial strategies. Our priority is to educate, not to sell annuities, life insurance, or investment products. Although we are well-versed in these areas, our goal is to inform and empower attendees.

We also provide a complimentary meeting to review your specific financial situation. Rest assured, there is no product pitch here either. As fiduciaries, we focus on identifying your needs first and then presenting options to help you achieve your objectives. If it makes sense for both sides, we can discuss working together.


Date and Time

Thu, Jul 11, 2024

5:00p - 6:00p MST


Sunrise Mountain Library

21109 N 98th Ave
Peoria , AZ 85383
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