Client Experience

It is important to us that our client experience be individually tailored. Some clients like to have a meeting and a few calls per year and some like to have multiple meetings and calls. Whatever the preference is, our goal is to make you feel as you are the only client we work for. As you run your household you always have someone to call to discuss a decision you may have to make or just run something by. Think of us as the CFO of your household.

The feedback that we receive from our clients is that their worries have diminished based on clarity and experience. This stems from our ability to educate them to the extent necessary for them to understand their financial position, how much risk is needed to meet their goals, what the expected volatility of that risk is, to verify that they are taking advantage of all tax benefits, and much more.  

We use robust technology to consolidate all gathered information and present it in easy-to-read reports with visual graphs and charts. 

We believe working with a professional that is experienced in taxes and finances provides extensive value and confidence that all parts of one’s financial and tax positioning are covered.

Big down market days are a great time to review or test a client’s risk tolerance and we use those days to review their portfolio’s performance. This has been very beneficial in building our relationships and helping our clients understand the movements of their portfolio.

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